10 Things To Upgrade Your Summer 2019 Wardrobe

19 Jul 2019      Emily      0

You know, I'm a big fan of brands like Puma and GUESS. Puma makes one of the cutest and most comfortable pair of shoes, and you will find many stylish accessories from Guess.


The German brand Puma has been on the market for a long time, and everyone managed to catch up on it. I'm crazy about their sneakers, leggings and cool sports tops. And what do you like most about this brand?

A pair of black socks from Puma

If you think about a sporty outfit, you most likely have some leggins, sneakers or a top in your mind. What about socks that complete your look? Your feet need not only a pair of comfortable shoes but also stylish high-quality socks. These socks are terry loop padded inside the sole for both comfort and protection. They are great at moisture absorbing which is usefull most most activities.


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Sporty outfit From PUMA

Going to the gym or jogging? There is a great option for your outfit - a short top, leggings and a pair of sneakers. The bra is available to buy in a different color option.



Sports bra

The cute oversized tee from Puma

You can create a beautiful casual outfit if you wear this cute pink T-shirt. It is perfect for both: sport activity and go-to outfit.


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Black and White Outfit

Do you like contrast? Then add a pair of comfortable white sneakers to your oversized black outfit.


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Do not know where to find the best accessories and things? Then I will tell you what, the store Guess is rich in its assortment, and there each of you will find your perfect glasses or jeans.

Your favorite jeans

Jeans do not happen much! And if you like jeans, then you should love Guess.


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The perfect look with white sneakers

Create your summer look with these wonderful Guess sneakers.


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More option of sunglasses from Guess

Meet the new collection of sunglasses from Guess. Oval, retro, round - I'm sure you will find a suitable pair to wear this season.


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If you're looking for perfect accessories, have a look at Guess you might find everything you need. Like, for example, these incredibly beautiful golden watches!


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